FixMyPhoto – AI Photo Editor

Magic Features

Unleash your creativity with 'FixMyPhoto - AI Photo Editor', a cutting-edge app blending AI photo editing, background and object removal, and photo quality enhancement. Transform black and white images with colorization, ideal for both novice and professional photographers seeking easy, yet powerful photo restoration.

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    AI Photo Editing

    Never before experienced artificial intelligence-driven photo editing capabilities.

  • FixMyPhoto-Wander

    Background Remover

    Remove the background from your photos easy and precisely.

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    Object Removal

    Remove unwanted elements from your pictures.

FixMyPhoto - Crop your image
  • FixMyPhoto-Wander

    Photo Fixer

    Fix or improve various aspects of your photos.

  • FixMyPhoto-Wander

    Photo Quality Enhance

    Improve the overall quality and clarity of your images.

  • Colorize Black and White Photos

    Ad natural brilliant color to monochrome images.

Frequently Asked Questions

What you always wanted to know about FixMyPhoto, but never dared to ask...

The AI photo editing in FixMyPhoto uses advanced algorithms to analyze and enhance the details of your photos. It automatically adjusts brightness, contrast, and sharpness, delivering high-quality, vibrant images with a professional touch.

Absolutely! FixMyPhoto's background remover tool is designed to seamlessly isolate subjects from their backgrounds. Whether for professional portfolios or social media, our AI-powered tool makes background removal effortless. Once you removed the background, you can use FixMyPhoto even to ad a new background.

FixMyPhoto excels in photo restoration by employing AI-driven technology to repair and rejuvenate old or damaged photos. It can sharpen faded details, restore colors, and even colorize black and white images, bringing them back to life.

With our object removal magic, you can easily erase unwanted elements like photobombers or distractions. You just mark them ant the app intuitively recognizes and removes these objects, leaving you with a clean and polished final image.

Definitely! FixMyPhoto is designed with a user-friendly interface, making it accessible for beginners. The intuitive one-tap solutions allow for easy navigation and quick, efficient edits, ensuring anyone can achieve professional-level results.

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